Quick Take: Turn Off Your Camera

When you’re on a video call, turn off your camera.

It is hard to focus while on a video call and having your camera on is a distraction. Turning it off will help you focus and be more attentive to the conversation.

But, wait. I’m saying that with your camera off you’ll be more likely to pay attention and less likely to get distracted? i find that when my camera is off, I can multitask without fear that people know I’m doing it?

I understand the confusion.

You need to keep your camera on for other people to see you. This helps you stay engaged and makes it easier for other people to read your body language.

But, you need to turn your camera off so that you can’t see yourself.

Turn off self-view.

We are easily distracted primates who are naturally drawn to images of ourselves. Self-view is helpful just like checking your appearance in the mirror before you leave for work is helpful.

But we don’t walk around all day with a mirror so that we can look at ourselves constantly. That would be a huge distraction.

If you wouldn’t bring a mirror to an in-person meeting so that you could look at yourself while you’re in the meeting, you shouldn’t have self-view turned on.

Turn off self-view and you will find your focus and attention increases.