• Red Hat Agile Day Videos

    The recordings from Red Hat Agile Day are live.

    The recorded talks are:

    1. Jim Whitehurst - CEO Red Hat
    2. Larry Maccherone - What? So What? Now What? - how to use metrics in an agile world
    3. David Frink - Overcoming Resistance - How to engage developers in agile adoption
    4. Todd Olson - The Data-Driven Product Owner
    5. Alexis Monville: How agile and open-source work together in nearly perfect Harmony
    6. Adam La Voy - Talent Acquisition Manager Red Hat - closing comments

    My notes on talks 1, 2 and 4 are here.

    My session was very interactive so there will be parts of the video where you won’t be able to hear the audience, but I did make every effort to repeat the questions or summarize the comments for the sake of the video.

  • I'm on Deliver It Cast

    Recently had the opportunity speak with Cory Bryan as a guest on Deliver It Cast.

    We had a fun conversation on how Product Owners and Developers can better work together.

    We touched on some of my favorite topics:

    Lots of fun to be on the cast and Cory is a great host. Hope you enjoy.

  • Red Hat Agile Day 2016

    Recently had the opportunity to attend Red Hat Agile Day. Great conference. Thanks to all who worked to put it on. My notes from the talks I attended are below.

  • Action Required: Read This Article

    Action Required: Read this article to understand how to better communicate to large groups using email

  • Impediments Cup For The Win

    The Impediments Cup is an agile retrospective technique for identifying impediments and deciding which one to focus on. (Impediments cup is halfway down the linked page on the left side under “Decide What To Do”)

    The really neat thing about this technique is that you can use it effectively:

    • With distributed teams
    • To draw quiet team members into the discussion
    • As a team building exercise
    • To improve on the emotional intelligence of your team

    Read on for how to do it…

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