• What a Scrum Master Does

    When I was a software developer and I met someone for the first time and they asked me what work I did, I would reply, “I type for a living.”

  • Overcoming Resistance

    Links and bibliography for my “Overcoming Resistance” talk

  • Simple

    Links and ideas for creating simpler or smaller stories

  • Red Hat Agile Day Videos

    The recordings from Red Hat Agile Day are live.

    The recorded talks are:

    1. Jim Whitehurst - CEO Red Hat
    2. Larry Maccherone - What? So What? Now What? - how to use metrics in an agile world
    3. David Frink - Overcoming Resistance - How to engage developers in agile adoption
    4. Todd Olson - The Data-Driven Product Owner
    5. Alexis Monville: How agile and open-source work together in nearly perfect Harmony
    6. Adam La Voy - Talent Acquisition Manager Red Hat - closing comments

    My notes on talks 1, 2 and 4 are here.

    My session was very interactive so there will be parts of the video where you won’t be able to hear the audience, but I did make every effort to repeat the questions or summarize the comments for the sake of the video.

  • I'm on Deliver It Cast

    Recently had the opportunity speak with Cory Bryan as a guest on Deliver It Cast.

    We had a fun conversation on how Product Owners and Developers can better work together.

    We touched on some of my favorite topics:

    Lots of fun to be on the cast and Cory is a great host. Hope you enjoy.

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