• Blameless Postmortem

    When things go wrong in production it is critical to get things fixed immediately. Good teams can do that. But great teams fix the problem in production and get to the root cause so this type of problem never impacts a user again.

  • What a Scrum Master Does

    When I was a software developer and I met someone for the first time and they asked me what work I did, I would reply, “I type for a living.”

  • Overcoming Resistance

    Links and bibliography for my “Overcoming Resistance” talk

  • Simple

    Links and ideas for creating simpler or smaller stories

  • Red Hat Agile Day Videos

    The recordings from Red Hat Agile Day are live.

    The recorded talks are:

    1. Jim Whitehurst - CEO Red Hat
    2. Larry Maccherone - What? So What? Now What? - how to use metrics in an agile world
    3. David Frink - Overcoming Resistance - How to engage developers in agile adoption
    4. Todd Olson - The Data-Driven Product Owner
    5. Alexis Monville: How agile and open-source work together in nearly perfect Harmony
    6. Adam La Voy - Talent Acquisition Manager Red Hat - closing comments

    My notes on talks 1, 2 and 4 are here.

    My session was very interactive so there will be parts of the video where you won’t be able to hear the audience, but I did make every effort to repeat the questions or summarize the comments for the sake of the video.

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