• Production Support - Agile 2018

    Links for Production Support talk at Agile 2018

  • Agile Links

    Helpful links about agile

  • Wedding Cakes And MVP

    I found out a week before my wedding that we weren’t going to have a wedding cake. The baker which we’d paid to design and bake a multi-tiered, multi-flavored wedding cake for 300 people had gone out of business.

    While not fun at the time, it turned out to be a great lesson in project management and what MVP really means.

  • Blameless Postmortem

    When things go wrong in production it is critical to get things fixed immediately. Good teams can do that. But great teams fix the problem in production and get to the root cause so this type of problem never impacts a user again.

  • What a Scrum Master Does

    When I was a software developer and I met someone for the first time and they asked me what work I did, I would reply, “I type for a living.”

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